Farmer Discovers Lots Of Strange Eggs In His Crops – But Cries When They Hatch


Farmer Jack felt a mix of excitement and fear when something amazing happened on his ordinary farm. A mysterious discovery was hidden beneath the soil, waiting to be uncovered by Jack’s trembling hands.

Jack, his wife Bonnie, and their daughters Mary and Gisele were amazed and speechless as they saw the astonishing scene. The once-thriving cornfield now looked empty and silent, with a strange assortment of eggs scattered around. Everyone wondered what had happened to their peaceful farm.

The eggs seemed ready to hatch, making everyone curious about the creatures inside. Jack decided to use his powerful tractor to destroy them. He believed these mysterious eggs were connected to the destruction of his crop. But as he started the engine, his daughters bravely stood in front of the machine, protecting the fragile lives within the eggs.

A tense moment passed, and then Jack had an exciting realization. He suggested something that completely shocked his family…


Jack always did the same things every day. He was a farmer and lived in a simple house with his wife and two daughters, Marion and Giselle, in a calm countryside. Jack loved farming and was proud of his hard work. He never changed his routine and always followed the same habits.

In his free time, Jack enjoyed being with his family, exploring the fields and woods around their home, and learning new farming methods from his readings. His days were always the same – he woke up early, took care of his duties, and ended the day feeling accomplished. But today was special. Something unexpected happened, breaking his usual routine. This morning had a surprise in store for him.

Jack loved his simple life as a farmer. He lived in a peaceful farmhouse with his wife and two daughters, Marion and Giselle. Jack was really into farming and worked hard at it. Every day, he did the same things, following a routine that he liked and knew well.

When he had free time, Jack enjoyed hanging out with his family and exploring the fields and woods around their home. He also liked learning about new farming methods by reading. His days usually followed a set pattern, starting early, taking care of his duties, and feeling proud of what he accomplished by the end of the day.

But today was different. There was a surprise waiting for him in the morning, something unexpected that would change his usual routine.

A strange sound echoed in Jack’s ears, unlike anything he’d heard before. It sent chills down his spine and made him feel uneasy. He stood still in the kitchen, trying to figure out where the eerie sound was coming from. Suddenly, he felt terrified, and his heart skipped a beat.

Out of nowhere, Bonnie, his wife, appeared silently behind him. She playfully screamed, making him jump. The room filled with laughter, covering up Jack’s lingering worry about the mysterious sound. He couldn’t shake off the unease, wondering what that earlier sound was.

Bonnie’s funny joke made Jack forget about the strange noise for a bit, and now he really wanted to know what it was. He was about to go outside to check when Bonnie surprised him, and he forgot about the noise.

After they stopped laughing, they heard little footsteps, and their two daughters showed up looking worried. One of them asked where Mommy was and if she was okay because they heard her scream. Jack and Bonnie looked at each other and smiled, trying to calm the kids down. At that moment, it felt like the day would go back to normal and be comforting.

After finishing breakfast, Jack saw it was time to go outside and look after his animals. He grabbed some feed buckets and headed to the chicken coop.

As he got closer, Jack noticed something strange about his chickens. They seemed upset, acting in a way he hadn’t seen before. They were moving around nervously in their space, and their feathers looked like they were shaking with fear. Jack could sense their worry, creating a tense atmosphere that gave him a chill. He wondered what could be making his beloved chickens so anxious.

Jack felt a surge of panic coursing through him as he surveyed the chicken coop. His heart sank at the realization that one of the chickens was absent from its usual spot. In a frantic search of the area, his eyes fixated on a scattered mound of feathers on the ground. A chilling awareness washed over him, sending a shiver down his spine. Distressed, he exclaimed, “No, no, no!”

Fully grasping the gravity of the situation, Jack hastily retreated indoors to procure a towel and a box, makeshift tools to handle the lifeless body of the once-vibrant bird that had been a cherished presence on his farm. The weight of the circumstances pressed upon him as he grappled with a mixture of shock, sorrow, and concern for the impending threat that seemed to draw nearer with each passing moment.

Jack was really confused about why his lively chicken suddenly died. It was fine the day before, and he didn’t see any signs of it being sick. He was also surprised because he didn’t know how it managed to escape from the coop. As Jack tried to understand what happened, he felt shocked, confused, and uneasy.

While Jack was doing his usual tasks, he noticed that the pigs on the farm were louder and more restless than usual. Their noisy grunts made him even more uneasy, adding to his growing worry as strange things kept happening on his once-peaceful farm.

Jack finished giving food to the pigs, and they got quiet for a bit. But something strange still felt off on the farm. Jack couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling, worried about what might happen next. When he looked across the field past the pigs, he didn’t notice at first that something unusual was happening.

All of a sudden, that mysterious sound echoed in the air again, its eerie tones spreading all over the farm. Jack tried hard to hear and figure out where the strange noise was coming from. It was clear the sound was close because it was loud and easy to hear. But the noise was strange, like the call of a creature he had never come across before.

What might this enigmatic creature be?” Jack pondered aloud. “Why has it come so close to my home, and how has it managed to elude discovery until now?” These questions circled in his mind, leaving him puzzled about the potential implications for his family and farm.

Despite the unsettling thoughts, Jack couldn’t linger on them for too long, given his packed schedule ahead. After tending to his animals, he headed to the barn to prepare his tractor for the day’s tasks. The time had arrived to harvest his crops, starting with the corn. With resolve, he ignited the tractor’s engine and swung open the barn doors. Little did he anticipate what lurked beneath the very machine he was about to set in motion.

Jack was getting ready to leave when suddenly Mary screamed. It made him stop in his tracks. Mary, scared and shaking, yelled, “Dad, stop!” She pointed at the ground by the tractor, her eyes wide with alarm.

Quickly, Jack turned off the tractor and jumped down, his heart pounding. He rushed to where Mary was pointing, feeling more and more worried as he got closer.

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A small, weak cat was lying on the ground without any protection. It was right in the way of a tractor’s wheel. Luckily, Jack’s daughter noticed it just in time to save the cat from a terrible accident.

The kitten had strange bleeding marks on its ears and looked very thin, making Jack feel sorry for it. What Jack didn’t realize was that this was just the start of a day full of strange and amazing events.

Normally, Jack had a routine and predictable daily life. But today, things were not usual. There was chaos because something happened that he didn’t expect. He thought a kitten in the barn might have been in a fight with another cat, which was unusual because his barn cats usually got along well.

While Jack was thinking about this, his other daughter, Giselle, came out of the house quickly. Her face showed that something was wrong, and it seemed like the chaotic day wasn’t finished yet.

“Dad, come quickly and see what’s happening in the cornfield!” Giselle called out urgently, her voice full of excitement. Jack, already ready to go to the cornfield, got himself ready for the surprise waiting for him. He hopped onto his tractor and drove towards the field, which was just on the other side of their house.

As Jack got closer to the cornfield, he felt a mix of curiosity and nervousness. He mentally prepared himself for whatever was about to happen, getting ready for the unexpected. The anticipation was intense as he wondered what secrets the tall cornstalks held. His heart raced with a mix of curiosity and excitement, pushing him forward.

Far away, Jack saw some small white dots scattered in the cornfield. As he got closer, leaving his tractor behind, he and Giselle tried to figure out what these shapes were. Despite being near the field, they couldn’t predict what they were going to see. Giselle asked her dad about it, but even Jack was puzzled. They both wondered what they were looking at and where all the corn had gone.

As Jack walked closer, he saw that the things scattered around his land were actually eggs. There were so many of them, he couldn’t even count. It was really surprising and not normal at all. Jack was amazed.

He couldn’t talk for a moment as he tried to figure out what was happening. How did all these eggs suddenly appear? And what were the strange sounds coming from them? Jack was in disbelief and shock. He started to wonder if he missed something in his daily routine or if he was too focused on his work to notice weird things happening on his farm.


Jack approached the strange eggs carefully, feeling a mix of fascination and fear. These eggs were not normal; they didn’t make sense. The unknown inside them made him aware of the mysteries of the universe.

Mary and Bonnie quickly joined him, sharing the surprise and unease in the air. Bonnie could only say one word, her voice shaking with disbelief. The situation felt heavy, and they wanted answers.

In the midst of their confusion, the eerie sound they had heard before came back, getting stronger. Jack wanted to find out the truth, so he knelt down and looked closely at one of the eggs. His eyes widened in amazement as he saw movement inside the fragile shell – some mysterious life force was stirring within.

Surprised by his daughters suddenly protecting the eggs, Jack stopped in his tracks, holding onto the tractor’s wheel. The strong determination in his daughters’ eyes clashed with his plan to destroy the eggs. He was amazed by their bravery and realized they saw something valuable in those fragile shells.

Jack felt a mix of emotions—confusion, pride, and guilt. He was usually practical, focused on his work, but he now saw there was more than just his farm at stake. His daughters’ strong belief made him reconsider and think about the potential within the eggs.

A tense silence filled the air as Jack and his daughters looked at each other, silently urging a change of heart. It was a crucial moment testing Jack’s character and his openness to new ideas. In that moment, a sudden revelation struck him, leaving everyone shocked.

The intense moment where Jack hesitated continued until he gave in. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt the mysterious eggs that held a secret. Instead, he surprised his daughters by suggesting something that would change their lives.

“Hey girls, even though our crop is gone, maybe we can still save the eggs,” he said. His daughters were excited, but now they faced a new challenge. As they gathered around the eggs, Jack and his daughters thought about how to keep them safe. It was a tough task – how do you protect 20 delicate eggs from the weather?

Jack had an idea. He told his daughters to get a big black canvas from the barn to cover the eggs and keep them warm. The girls liked the plan and quickly got the canvas.

But Bonnie wasn’t happy about it. She stood far away and looked worried. She was afraid that the eggs might belong to a dangerous creature. Bonnie didn’t want to harm anything, but she was unsure if she could take care of something that might be harmful, like snake eggs or worse.

Jack tried to make Bonnie feel better, but it actually made her more nervous. As a farm owner, she knew the difference between chicken eggs and the big things in front of her. Jack’s attempts to reassure her only made her more scared because she was sure these eggs didn’t belong to any creature she knew.

A feeling of danger grew stronger, like something unknown and dangerous was about to happen. Bonnie wondered why no one else seemed to notice what she did. She couldn’t understand why they were acting without caution in the face of an unidentified threat.

Bonnie felt really scared and frustrated as she moved away from the eggs. She suddenly realized that the eggs were in a delicate situation. The air around her seemed tense and filled with a scary feeling, like the earth itself was warning her about a coming disaster.

But before she could think too much about her worries, her daughters came back with a canvas. They, along with Jack, carefully covered the eggs with the black fabric and used heavy stones to keep it in place. Jack reminded everyone to be super careful because the idea of breaking the eggs scared him a lot. They all knew how precious what was inside the eggs was, and they understood that the tiniest mistake could ruin everything.

Jack saw that his daughters were really focused on taking care of some eggs and wouldn’t leave them for anything. Even when he tried to get them to help with chores, they were too busy looking after the mysterious oval objects. It wasn’t until he promised a special dessert that he finally got them to come inside.

The next day, Jack heard a weird sound and quickly went to the window. He couldn’t believe what he saw in the field. “This can’t be real!” he said.

His daughters woke up earlier than him and took the eggs, even though it was only four in the morning. They were talking loudly and excitedly, which was unusual for their quiet farm. He got upset and yelled, waking up Bonnie. She was confused and worried, wondering why he was so upset so early.

Bonnie listened for the noise that woke her up and heard laughter. She quickly got out of bed, rushed downstairs, and grabbed something to defend herself. Jack saw her worried face and felt guilty for keeping the eggs.

“I always knew those eggs would cause problems. This is not how we teach our daughters,” Bonnie said angrily, staring at Jack. She was worried that something bad had happened to Gisele and Mary. In a rush, she went outside and ran towards her girls.

Gisele and Mary looked worried as they prepared for their mother’s anger. They knew they were in trouble for sneaking out to check the eggs, but their curiosity was stronger than their fear of punishment. As Bonnie came closer with anger on her face, it felt like the darkness outside was getting heavier, as if a storm was coming.

When Bonnie first saw what her daughters were doing, she got really mad. But then, she felt uneasy and worried that something was wrong with the eggs. She thought the girls might be in big trouble and had gotten into something they didn’t understand. Bonnie wondered what mess they had gotten themselves into!

But when she looked closer at what her daughters were doing, she saw that Mary had made comfy nests for the eggs using straw and hay from the barn. Bonnie was surprised by the girls’ kindness. Her anger went away, and she started praising her children for taking good care of the eggs. Jack proudly said, “These girls will grow up to be great caretakers.”

Their happy moment didn’t last long because a really loud and jarring noise suddenly ruined the calm atmosphere. A thunderous cracking sound echoed through the air, making them feel a bit scared. They panicked, realizing that something really bad was about to happen.

The girls gasped, thinking they might have accidentally broken one of the eggs. But then, they noticed something more positive. Because they took good care of the eggs, they believed that something was about to hatch. Giselle looked closely at one of the eggs and saw a big crack in its shell. She got really excited and showed it to Mary, saying, “Look, sister, it’s almost time!”

But Mary surprised everyone with her response, making them confused. While her sister was excited, Mary seemed really scared. People wondered why she reacted that way.

Even though the eggs were about to hatch and everyone was excited, Mary felt sad and started crying. She was upset at the thought of the eggs breaking, but being young, she didn’t quite understand that it’s a part of the natural way things happen.

Despite Bonnie’s attempts to console and clarify, Mary remained inconsolable. Eventually, Bonnie opted to bring her indoors and care for a ailing kitten, aiming to divert her attention from the distress. Meanwhile, Jack remained oblivious to the mysterious contents of the eggs.

After diligently protecting the eggs for two days, the much-anticipated moment had arrived. The canvas shelter had successfully shielded them from harsh weather and potential threats, but now they displayed visible cracks. Jack was conscious that the eggs were on the verge of hatching any moment.

On the fourth day, Jack went to check the eggs and saw that one was already empty. He called his daughters, and they waited nervously for the other eggs to hatch. The waiting felt like a really long time and tested their patience. Just when they were about to give up hope, two more eggs started to show signs of activity, making them very excited.

Cracks appeared on the eggs, increasing the anticipation in the air. The excitement kept growing until a small and amazing creature came out – a completely unknown species to them. They were all surprised, and Jack couldn’t believe that such a creature came from those eggs.

Jack, filled with excitement, called his wife to share this incredible moment. But the emotions became too much for him, and he found himself overwhelmed, tears rolling down his face, unable to handle the enormity of what was happening.

Bonnie quickly went to join her husband. He pointed at the newly hatching animals with a shaky hand. At that moment, Bonnie felt that something really amazing was happening. As the animals came out of their shells, she couldn’t help but be surprised and amazed—they were baby peacocks.

Jack always liked peacocks, and he even had one as a close friend when he was young. But after the bird died, he didn’t care about them anymore. Seeing these beautiful creatures hatch felt like a miracle—a stunning sight happening right in front of them.

Jack cried happy tears as Bonnie comforted him. They were both really emotional seeing the baby peacocks. It was a powerful moment that amazed them, making them realize their lives were changing forever. But, there was a problem.

Jack loved the baby peacocks, but their farm couldn’t handle all of them. Bonnie gently reminded him of this, and after talking it through, they agreed that they needed to come up with a different plan, even though it was hard for them to let go.

They chose to keep two baby peacocks on their farm and sent the rest to a special place for peacocks. Saying goodbye was a little sad because they really liked the cute birds, but they believed it was the right thing to do.

In the special place, the baby peacocks would be free to wander around and get the care they needed. The girls were very happy to still have two peacocks on the farm, and they took care of them with a lot of love and attention.

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